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  Summers are always tough on our skin and hair. With constant sweating, increased humidity and sun exposure, our skin is bound to get tanned, dull and dry. Even if we try to take good care of our skin with expensive products, sometimes it just does not help us at all. The main reason behind this could be the usage of wrong products. We might be buying a lot of skin care essentials but wrong ones can never give us the desired results. So what should be done in this scenario? Well here is...
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Signs that Every Makeup Addict can Relate to….

August 10, 2017 4:35:29 PM IST

‘Look, your favorite lipstick is on sale’, is an expression no girl can ignore. We girls have always had a long term association with makeup products since childhood. The difference is that now we buy our makeup by ourselves unlike the times when we used to steal from our mom’s. From being a makeup hoarder to someone who looks like sh*t without kohl, there is no turning away from this mighty world.   So let us know in the comments below how many situations you could...
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Ways to Keep your Scalp Cool this Summer!

June 6, 2017 3:51:10 PM IST

  Summers are tough and who knows it better than a girl who is always struggling to keep her head cool fighting between those tight ponytails and flying frizzy hair. Amidst all that grease, oiliness and itchy sensations, there isn’t much that one can do expect washing their hair twice or thrice a week. Well, you may think so, but there are a few ways that allow your scalp to breathe a little better under the harsh rays of the sun.   Have some mercy on your hair and follow these...
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    It has been a long tiring day and all you want to do is just lie on your bed trying to get some shut-eye. While following a proper face cleansing routine is not on your list at that moment, but a little hard work can go a long way in deciding the overall condition of your skin. Most of us just rely on facial cleansing wipes or removers and skip the most important part – our eyes. Worry not, with these essential tips, removing that stubborn mascara and eyeliner will be a piece...
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  As soon as the Pantone Institute declared their color of the year 2017, we could see beauty and makeup brands focusing more and more on the color green. There is greenery everywhere in the makeup fraternity and TBH, we completely love it. Their idea was to connect us all with natural and earthy things and help find our ways back to re-bond with Mother Nature. So while the whole concept has started to make us feel relaxed, let us discuss some of the ways to incorporate the color green...
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