Friends who stand by you in every situation, no matter what, deserve a VIP treatment once a while and if you have that friend in your life, it is time to honor him/her on this friendship day. While many out there would just be sending chocolates, greetings or e card to theirs, why don’t you check out these five amazing ideas and make this day much more memorable and cheerful that will be remembered for years?

Let the fun begin….

Togetherness is Everything

Come what may; take out some time to see your friends in person. Togetherness is the best gift you can give to your friends and when a meeting is planned after such a long time, the fun factor rises pretty high. You can also plan a surprise visit to make them double happy.

A Box full of Happiness

Plan a huge box of happiness for your special friend. Do not just spend your entire budget on one thing; rather pick up plenty of smaller ones to make them happier. For example, you can visit and select from a wide range of beauty and personal care products to send to your friends. So, what are you waiting for? Begin shopping now as there is great friendship day deal going on.

Do Something Crazy Together

We all have crazy plans with our friends, but most of the times, fail to fulfill them. Why don’t we carry out any one on this friendship day? There is nothing better than holding hands with your friends and enjoy the great adventures of life. Take a day off and try something that is totally crazy and scares you. Like bungee jumping, sky diving, river rafting or any such stuff that you have always imagined doing in your head before. Or, there is NewU friendship day contest going on, which is no less than fun or crazy. Participate and win prizes.

Plan a Vacation

Don’t you hate your monotonous life sometimes? Don’t you wish to escape all the stress and go away to lie down under a sky full of stars? Well, stop imagining and make it happen this friendship day with your friends. Book tickets and spend some alone time with your friends catching up with everything that has been happening in everyone’s life. Don’t forget the bonfire though!

Go on a Shopping Spree or Enjoy a Makeover

Shopping is fun when done with friends. Go out shopping and enjoy makeovers. Try dresses that you have never before and see what your friends think about that. Dress like somebody entirely different and then have a nice meal at a restaurant clicking pictures to capture the moments and great memories. And if you want to enjoy an in house party, enjoy great online deals only at and buy lots of interesting stuff with your buddies.

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