There is nothing hotter than a man in suit. So, you need to choose wisely as your fashion sense will make all the difference. No matter how expensive your suit is, if you have not teamed it well with the accessories, you are not going to nail the look. Don’t worry, help is here. Here are the most important five fashion rules that you need to remember by heart.

5 important men fashion rules to live by:

The color of Belt and Shoes should Match

This is the best way to keep it classy and elegant. So, stay with traditional colors such as brown, black or a rich tan. You can try others as well, but they are difficult to match, so, ideally should be avoided. Do not wear dress belts with sneakers and jeans; it is just the one of the two at a time. If you like suspenders, skip the belt. And if you take the matching thing more seriously, then your wallet color should also go with the other two things.

The Right Watch

Well, this might be an ignorant aspect, but watches do add a ton of style to your over-all personality. Always choose a watch that goes well with your current outlook, profession or dress. Brown and black bands are the most common ones and go well with their respective colored dress, while on the other hand; silver band does well with almost all the colors.

Find out what suits your Body Type

There is nothing wrong in going with the trend, but anything should not be followed blindly. Sometimes, people demean their image in an attempt to look fashionable while they could have worn something suitable and owned the look. If you have a beer belly, go for wide legged trousers as they tend to balance your appearance and if you are too skinny, avoid narrow legged pants to create an illusion of a fuller body.

Pick up the Right Sunglasses

Yes, sunglasses do make a difference. While purchasing them, ensure that you are getting something that is not only functional, but also gels well with your style and personality. Formal sunglasses should be kept simple and spare those funky ones for your weekend party.

Socks Color

One wrong step and you can ruin it totally. Do not wear white socks ever with a formal dress or you are going to divert attention towards you for all the wrong reasons. Ideally, the color of the socks should either match with your pants or the shoes. You can also try striped socks, but skip the funky ones. In one sentence – your socks should catch minimum attention; they are just there to complement your look, not worsen it.

Yes, looking handsome is not as difficult as you thought. Right suggestions can make it a lot simpler for you. So, follow this and own the world completely with your awesomeness.