Problem free and glowing – we all want our skin to fall in these categories, but, most of the times do not know what exactly needs to be done to achieve that. Any woman who’s ever stood in front of the mirror can confirm that keeping a beautiful skin is a tough task. To add to the problems, changing seasons play havoc on already troubled skin. Amidst all this confusion, it becomes tougher to decide what to do and what not to. Always know that the process of looking your best does not need to be expensive or complicated; just get the basics right and save a lot on time and money.


Check out the 5 most important skin care tips to try this season and bid farewell to skin problems forever.


Bring home a good quality moisturizer

When it comes to skin care, investing in the right thing does matter. It is not necessary that expensive is always better or vice versa. Sometimes, to stay away from wrinkles, dryness and itchiness, your skin needs just a good quality moisturizer. No matter what type your skin is (dry, oily, combination, or sensitive) massaging a moisturizer daily is a must do task. You can find them here.


Keep your Skin Safe

Skipping sunscreen is one of the most common mistakes committed by people. You need to learn this fact that even if it is cloudy outside or raining; sun’s harmful UVA rays can still reach you. And if you leave your skin unprotected, it will only make it appear worse, let’s say tanned. So, depending on your sun’s exposure time and duration, get the right sunscreen and make a pledge to not leave your house until you have rubbed it properly over all the exposed skin area.


See, you are getting familiar with great beauty secrets, just a little determination and you will be standing among those people who own an impeccable skin.


Cleanse the Skin Properly and in the Right Manner

Are you among those people whose cleansing routine include soap and water? Stop doing it immediately. According to experts, if you are using soap on your face – more than twice a day – your skin’s natural lipid barrier (that protects skin from the outside harm) can be damaged. This can lead to cracking, peeling, itching, and burning of the skin. Do you want that to happen? Of course not! So, invest in a good skin-friendly (depending on your skin type) face cleanser to keep your skin protected and healthy. Also remember to not over wash it, not more than twice no matter what the skin type is.


Exfoliate your Skin Regularly

Just the way you rub that soft loofah dipped in aromatic body wash all over the body, your facial skin needs exfoliation too for the removal of dead cells. No, do not rub loofah, but yes invest in a good quality face scrubber. Since the season is changing and the skin problems are on a rise, it is imperative to keep the skin squeaky clean. Not daily, but once a week is required to manage a trouble free skin.


Update your Make-up Box More Often

How long has that mascara been there in your vanity box? Do not remember? Well, it’s time to throw it out and get a new one. Just like that, we keep our years old make-up products (sometimes because we have not used them much) with us, but it will turn out to be harmful for your skin’s health ultimately. Every make-up product has certain functioning time duration and it should be used within that only. In short, replace makeup every two years. And to do that at a great price, visit now.


And that’s it! You might be wondering that the process was not at all tough, right? Well, that’s the charm of knowledge; once you know everything, it seems too easy to conquer the worries.