Every skin type has its own set of pros and cons. While people with oily skin do not struggle to get that glow on their cheeks, dry skin people have their own sad story to tell. Whatever be the problem, there is always a way out provided you know the right direction to head to. Today, we will understand the make-up process that people with dry skin should follow in order to achieve desired outcomes.

Before we jump to the process, here are some important suggestions that will help keep your skin make-up ready all the time:

Exfoliation – Many people believe that exfoliation is not necessary for them as they already have dry skin, but this is where they go wrong. Exfoliation has nothing to do with having dry or oily skin, it is about removing dead skin cells and cleansing of the pores. Just do it once a week and make sure to moisturize well before and after the process to not aggravate the dry skin problem.

Hydrate well – Spray some mist to your face before you moisturize as it helps capture moisture and keep skin looking supple and fuller. Always remove makeup before going to bed and massage your face with a good night cream in order to fight the peeling skin problem and look radiant.

Powder is a big no – Dry skin does not gel well with the compact or face powder so, it is better to steer clear of it as it can make your skin appear drier and dull.

Taking Care of the face – Regular facials and using a hydrating face mask is also a necessary step towards gaining a healthy and radiant skin. Also use specific skin care products meant for dry skin to take care of the problem well.

Here are the 5 Tips for applying make-up to dry skin:

  • Prepare your Face by first washing it with a suitable cleanser. And then rub an ice cube over it for two minutes. Now apply a suitable moisturizer and massage gently. Leave it for a few minutes to get dry.
  • Applying a Primer should be your next step in order to hold the make-up for longer. Choose a primer that suits your dry skin the best and apply it evenly all over your face.

  • Pick a foundation that is crème based or comes in gel formula to complement your dry skin well. Avoid powder or matte formations as they would highlight dry skin patches rather than giving you a good look.
  • Use creamy blush and eye shadow to complete the look. If you are not applying a bold color to your lips, add the drama to your eyes or vice versa. Do not stop experimenting with the looks.
  • You can now apply some loose powder with a large cosmetic brush in order to keep your foundation, eye shadow and blush at place. There are many face powders available in sheer, translucent finish that are hydrating for the skin, they are better if you can get them.

And you are done! The process is not that difficult to understand, it is just the play of right products. If you have the right tools, you can create something real impactful.