If someone would ask about your favorite makeup product, we are sure the unanimous answer would be lipsticks. They are such great inventions of mankind that it is impossible to contemplate life without them (well at least for girls). Admit it; you have spent your days without Kajal, mascara, blush, foundation but never without a lipstick. So if you consider yourself a great lipstick hoarder, come and be a part of the celebration. On the occasion of International Lipstick Day, let’s take out some time to thank this superb creation…Are you listening to us lipstick Gods??


Here are the amazing ways in which you can use lipsticks:


As an Eyelid Primer

Primer’s work is to allow the makeup to settle down and not let it wear off for hours. A neutral lipstick that best matches your skin tone can do a great job as the same. Just dab some onto your eyelids and watch the magic unfold.


Eye Shadow

You do not always need to settle down with browns, blacks or golden. If your palette does not have the desired pink pigment, you can take help from your best friend (we mean lipstick, so don’t rush to your friend’s house). Choose a color that works well with your skin tone, make sure the area is clean and not greasy, swipe some of the lipstick with your fingertips or brush and set it with loose powder. So the next time you drop a dress because you don’t have a matching shadow, turn to your lipstick stash for an immediate solution.


Works Wonder as a Blush too

This one’s an oldie. Pink or red colors have been used as a blush; even our moms knew this hack. Just dab some on the cheekbones with a brush or fingertips, rub a little to spread the color evenly around and set it with loose powder for long lasting finish.



Hide those Nasty Dark Circles

Yes, you read it right. No matter how stubborn your dark circles are, you can set them off with a lipstick easily. All you need is some red lipstick (for Indian skin tones).

Here’s how to do it: Apply all around your eye area in a circle and gently dab it with a makeup sponge or fingertips for better results. When you see half of the color blending in, put on a concealer matching your skin tone and then blend properly. Once all is settled, there will be no dark circles visible. Orange or green lipsticks too can be used for concealing purposes as per the skin tone.



A high gloss lip color which matches the skin tone right can be used as a highlighter as well. Just be careful to avoid any colors and stick with a nude shade. If you do it right, you will discover one more amazing use of a lipstick.


For Contouring

If you have brown colors lying with you for long and haven’t decided to put them to use yet, here is a great way to start doing that. You can try it for contouring purposes. Make sure the shade is one tone darker than your skin color. Be careful while blending and make sure to set it all with loose powder to avoid any mishaps.


It might take some time to master all the uses but once you find your way through them, you will be the happiest person on the Earth. To make the celebrations more interesting, there is a contest going on our social media sites that you can check right away here.

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