Winter’s a time when we can experiment with a lot many makeup looks because it is not going to get ruined by the time you step out of your house (thanks to the non-sweaty environment). Your skin just needs to be pampered with a good quality moisturizer every day and you have numerous makeup options at your disposal. But that also does not mean that you blindly put on anything without realizing that the trend has long been forgotten. Wondering what to opt for this winter season? Let ‘s break it out in sections for you’ll.



Go for Copper Eyes

Copper and bronze colors are perfect for that striking look. They go well with the weather and turn you into a diva in a jiffy. Copper is going to take over the winter makeup scene and be ready to have your part in it. It’s subtle and yet classy enough to let you steal the limelight.

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Highlighted Skin

If there’s something only getting stronger in the makeup arena, that has to be highlighting for sure. So this winter, ditch the other messy ideas and focus on providing your skin that subtle sheen only.

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Big Brows

If you don’t know that by now then let us give you a little insight. This year was all about keeping the brow game high. From brow gels to powder fillers, we saw a whole lot people investing in these products to keep their brows in shape. Since winter season is also about festivals and parties, keeping your brows well groomed and in perfect shape will definitely do the trick for you.

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Contour your way to People’s Heart

Do you what’s best about the winters? The cold weather helps your makeup stay in place without much effort. So make most of it by subtly contouring your cheekbones and jawline and stand out completely.

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Dark Lips

What are winters without those dark, tempted lips that can even give a vampire a run for her money! Ditch the reds and pinks and go for warmer browns, cherry and even maroons. They suit almost all skin tones (with a little blending here and there) and will keep you looking warm as hell. So do have some place for these shades in your makeup back this season.

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