The festival of colors, fun, frolic is upon us and we believe it is definitely one of the most invigorating of all Indian festivals. Not only is it a day where we all lose our inhibitions but also, for a lot of us, Holi is our favorite day on the whole calendar. Then, is it any wonder that all we would like to do is spend the whole day playing with colors, gorging on gujiyas and just having a fun time with friends and family?


holi tips for skin and hair

Well, if you’re planning to really appreciate the colors and indulge in the different hues, we’d suggest a little preparation in anticipation of this holiday. We work hard all year implementing different regimes just to enhance the quality of our skin and hair. So, why go and dunk all that work for one day of carefree fun. What if we tell you that you can have just as much fun without spelling disaster for yourself?


Holi Tips for Skin and Hair:


All you need to do is take a few steps, precautions really to protect your hair and skin from the harsh colors and well, even the Sun. Don’t know what these are? Don’t worry; we’re going to give you some simple but helpful tips.


So, pay attention:


Hair Care:

 Dabur Almond Hair Oil

So, we know that most of us have developed this habit of leaving our hair open for Holi. Instead, always make sure you oil it thoroughly the day before, especially the roots and tips and pull it back into a bun or pony. You can use L'Oreal Paris 6 oil Nourish or even a more natural oil variant from Dabur or Vatika.


Lips Care:

 Garnier Men Ultimate Lip Balm

Lips are bound to get chapped in the Sun when you’re busy playing holi. Always remember to use a Lip balm, preferably a Maybelline or even one from Garnier. This applies to men as well.


Skin Care:

 Neutrogena Body Oil

When you prepare for Holi, remember that your skin is the most exposed. You can use a good body oil mixed with castor oil to keep the colors from penetrating into your skin. If not oil, use oil or cream based moisturizer and apply it evenly.


Afterwards, before taking a bath and scrubbing the colors off, use a foam or cream based cleanser from Lakme or Clean and Clear to avoid damage to skin.


Face Care:

 VLCC Mud Face Pack

Well, even if you don’t play Holi religiously, you are still bound to get some color on the face. Avoid all kinds of local or bad products, wash off the color and use a soothing papaya or cucumber face pack afterwards to help the skin retain hydration. Find a good face pack for your skin type from our range of face makeup products at NewU.


Follow our advice, play with organic colors and have yourself a safe and happy Holi!