Your week goes by struggling between office and home and you hardly get anytime to unwind. To make it worse, you wait for that monthly salon appointment to pamper your skin. What if you pay some attention to your face this weekend and enjoy wonderful outcomes without spending too much money? Yes, that’s possible; all you need is a little time. We know weekend is the time to party and catch up with friends, but a few minutes of work can pay off really well. Interested?


Cut yourself some slack and follow this Sunday evening routine to help your face get back on its feet (pun intended)!


Get in the Mood


To make sure you make the most out of those relaxing minutes, it is important to free your mind of all trivial issues. Be it the pending assignment or your BFF not responding to your messages, you need to calm down your mind and get in the mood. Use a diffuser or even a bowl of steaming water and pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The fragrance effect is a proven method to ease stressed mind. Try Rosemary to calm down, Orange for a boost of energy or Lavender if you are anxious. (You might even think of cancelling your evening plans once the mood is set)


Start by Exfoliating


Now let’s begin the TLC by first exfoliating the skin. You need to remove the dead and dull skin layer by using a good facial scrub. Massage for 5-10 minutes in a gentle circular motion and let your pores breathe inn fresh air. Scrubbing will prepare your skin for the treatment and allow the products that you will use to penetrate better.




This is the time to supply your skin some good things to undo the damage that has been done over the week. Once you have removed the scrub and cleansed your face, slather on dollop of a soothing and hydrating mask. Dab some eye serum around eyelids and cover your eyes with a cooling mask. While you wait for all of it to get dry, why don’t you lie down and listen to a few of your favorite songs? (Trust us, you won’t feel like getting up after this)


Pamper Time


Once your face mask is all dry, get up (don’t turn off the music) and wash it with clean water. Gently pat your face and look at how good you appear. Let your heart do a happy dance and you apply a good quality moisturizer or a day cream to lock in the radiance.


Tip - We suggest doing the whole process just before you plan to sleep so that your skin has time to enjoy it all through the night.


Now sit back and enjoy the results of your hard work (or was it?). Get up the next day feeling ready to take on the week.