Winter is a beautiful season; cool breeze, longer nights, hot cocoa and the cozy clothing, everything just feels perfect. But our skin and winters don’t go along well. Dry patched skin is a common problem we face during the season that ruins everything. Worry not, all you need is a robust maintenance routine and that can be followed when we would let you in on our experts’ views on winter skin care.

Here we are decoding the what’s and how’s for you, so that you can embrace a healthier and glowing skin…



Switch to a suitable Moisturizer

A lot of us just focus on our face and at max neck and hands and that is where we commit our first mistake. Using a moisturizing lotion all over your body is a must during winters as dry skin looks unpleasant and of course unhealthy. You can opt for Vaseline range of body lotions to fulfill your body’s hydration requirements. Not only will this routine keep your skin hydrated but also get you rid of the feeling of dryness or itchiness.



Take Care of that Pout

Chapped lips are a pain especially during winters. To bring your lips back to life, you need to invest in a good quality hydrating lip balm. Try Lakme’s lip love variants and say good bye to coarse lips easily. Keep one in your handbag all the time for soft lips on the go.




Try a Good Night Crème

Night crèmes are godsend. They take care of your delicate skin while you are asleep and help in rejuvenation and relaxation of your facial skin. Not only they have regenerative benefits but also avert the damage that happens all through the day. You can try Spice Island Gotukola Night Cream that along with providing intense hydration to your skin reduces visible fine lines and wrinkles as well.



Avoid too much Scrubbing

If you have dry skin, it’s obvious that you and winters don’t gel well. So don’t make the situation worse for you by opting for once a week scrubbing routine. Scrubbing does cleanse your face but also remove all the oil and dirt and for already dry skin, this could be a problem during winters. A quick fix? Either try a mild scrub with hydration benefits or stick to homemade packs. Homemade packs can be made via mixing milk and turmeric or curd and lemon. Mix it up and find out what works for you the best.



Buy a Hand Cream for you

Your hands do a lot of stuff for you, so it’s your responsibility to take good care of them. Try the all new Beauty Formulas Hand Cream and shield your hands against the dry weather.