As soon as the Pantone Institute declared their color of the year 2017, we could see beauty and makeup brands focusing more and more on the color green. There is greenery everywhere in the makeup fraternity and TBH, we completely love it. Their idea was to connect us all with natural and earthy things and help find our ways back to re-bond with Mother Nature.

So while the whole concept has started to make us feel relaxed, let us discuss some of the ways to incorporate the color green in our beauty routine to feel that connection forever.



Green for your Nails

Along with reds and pinks, there is a growing attraction towards some unusual colors which women used to walk past by in the previous years. Not only the shade would look so much good but will also make you feel good about your contribution to the whole idea. Add NewU’s wide range of colors to your vanity and enjoy varied looks.



Go Green on your Eyes

Green is both a pretty and bold color so it should definitely find a place on your eyes in form of glossy or matte eyeliner.



Choose it for your Lids

Staying on trend isn’t difficult when you have the right tools in hand. Two strokes of the green from this eye palette are enough to lend you a stunning look. So ditch those obvious browns and blacks, and go for something hot and mesmerizing.



Take Care of your Nails

Regular nail paint application makes your nails dry and weak but fret not with NewU Aloe Vera and Green Apple Nail Paint remover pads, you can now provide nourishment to your nails along with an easy mess free removal process. They have Vitamin E to strengthen nails and are a perfect addition to your nail care routine.


So get going gals and play your part!