Summers are tough and who knows it better than a girl who is always struggling to keep her head cool fighting between those tight ponytails and flying frizzy hair. Amidst all that grease, oiliness and itchy sensations, there isn’t much that one can do expect washing their hair twice or thrice a week. Well, you may think so, but there are a few ways that allow your scalp to breathe a little better under the harsh rays of the sun.


Have some mercy on your hair and follow these tips to stay cool and calm throughout the season…


Take help from a Scalp Cooling Pack


Now fighting with smelly, greasy and full of dandruff hair has become easier. All you need is a homemade scalp cooling pack. We have a perfect recipe for you and you just need two ingredients. You need Aloe Vera and Peppermint oil to make sure your scalp feels clean and cool. Just take 5-7 tea spoons of Aloe Vera and add 2-3 drops of the oil (you can alter as per the length and volume of your hair), apply it to your scalp and wash after 45 minutes.



Protect your Scalp as much as Possible


Just like your face and other body parts need protection from the Sun’s harmful rays, your scalp needs to be covered and protected too. Always make sure that you cover your hair before heading out with a scarf or a hat. Avoid using heat styling products as they trap heat inside your head to further aggravate the scalp problems.



Cold Compress can help too


It might sound absurd or obvious (depending upon the extreme levels you have gone through to keep your scalp cool) but a cold compress can come in handy to keep the temperature under control. Cool it properly before you put on, part your hair turn wise and let the compress rest on it for a few seconds. Repeat the process until your scalp feels calm.



Wash your hair Regularly


It goes without saying that all the sweat and pollution can make your hair limp and lifeless. And the increasing temperature does not help too. So make sure you clean your hair at least twice or thrice a week so that the bacteria and dirt does not get the chance to build up on your scalp and make it feel itchy and irritated. Use a shampoo followed by a conditioner that best suits your requirements and stay away from experimenting too much with hair care products.