We all need mascara to dramatize our look and make our eyes appear appealing. But using the wrong shade can ruin it for you. Gone are the days when mascara was just about being black, nowadays, they are available in multiple hues that can heighten the over-all level of your entire look.

Mascara Shades


Let us understand what needs to be used when:

Black brown + brown

Brown is an amazing mascara color if paired with black. Use black brown or brown shade for a more casual and dramatic look. They also gel pretty well with warm eye shadow colors like plumps, olives and gold. But if your hair are black in color and you are not that fair, stick to neutral browns, which are neither black nor exactly brown or you will end up looking bad. You can put some on your eyebrows as well for evening out the entire look.

Jet black + Grayish black

Black never goes out of the fashion. Black shades are perfect for any time of the day and for any occasion. They pair well with almost all eye shadow colors and that is why women love stocking them. For a more dramatic look, curl your lashes with lash-curler and then apply mascara for a pristine look. Avoid applying it to the lower lashes and go with a kajal or liner to make your eyes pop out well.

Clear mascara

Clear mascara is a thing these days. This is the perfect choice when you want to define your looks, but at the same time, enhance your natural asset. Clear mascara gives you a pretty look without giving a hint of ‘made up’. Not just this, clear mascara has other uses as well. You can use this as a base coat for other mascara to let the lashes stand out better. You can also use this on your eyebrows to give them a defined look without getting caught. Along with keeping these tips in mind, check out some mascara hacks that will make the process a lot easier for you:

mascara hacks


  • Always choose the right mascara suiting your needs – volumizing, waterproof and lengthening are the options that you need to select from
  • Comb your lashes with a clean eyebrow brush and apply some baby powder to them for instant lengthening results
  • Apply mascara at the end of your eye make-up process
  • To get more mascara on the wand, place it inside and twist it rather than pumping it in and out, as this will push air inside the tube and cause your mascara to dry out quickly
  • Dip your mascara tube into hot water for a few minutes for a more liquid-shy effect and avoiding clumps
  • Heat your eye lash curler with a blow drier for a minute or so that your lashes curl easily and hold the shape for longer. Though, test the product on hand before the lashes as too hot can cause damage
  • Use 2-3 drops of saline solution to bring back your dry mascara to life

Keep these suggestions in mind and never go wrong with the application ever again in your life.