Rose does not just imply love and friendship; it is a great flower that has amazing beauty benefits too. The queen Cleopatra was believed to have used rose as a part of her beauty regime and for generations, this flower has helped many express their love and beautify their lives. So, today, let us know what all beauty changes rose water can bring to us and why it has been a favorite since ages?

Here are the beauty benefits of rose water…

  • Rose helps in managing skin’s pH balance
  • It has revitalizing effects to keep skin away from wrinkles and fine lines
  • Rose water is helpful in fighting acne, eczema and dermatitis
  • The nourishing properties help manage the quality of your hair along with treating mild scalp inflammation and dandruff
  • It helps moisturize, tone, and smooth out the skin and has a calming effect towards any kind of anxiety and stress
  • It can also treat wounds, cuts and scars
  • It has anti bacterial properties, which means it can help treat acne
  • This can also help prevent dark circles and puffiness and can be used as an eye drop to cleanse and cool down the eyes

How to use Rosewater to obtain maximum Benefits?

As a Facial Toner

Chemical laden toners are not good for the skin and now you can switch them with rose water and enjoy great benefits. Just apply chilled rosewater to your face with a cotton ball and repeat the procedure every day. This gives you a soothing effect while closing the pores.

Your own After Sun Body Spray

Crush a few tulsi leaves and add them to 200 ml of rosewater. Put this mixture in a spray bottle and refrigerate. Now every time you come in from the sun, spray all over the body to calm the skin. This is a great way to treat sun burn and keep away from rashes or irritation.

As a Beauty Bath Treatment

Adding a few rose petals or drops of rose water to the bathing water is said to keep skin glowing and fragrant all day long. Also, the aroma helps calm down stress and gives you a refreshed feeling.

Rosewater and Creams

You can also add a few drops of rosewater to your daily cream or moisturizer. This will not just add an amazing aroma to your skin, but also help it become more soft and supple.

As a Deep Cleanser

Once in a while, it is important to deep cleanse the skin to wipe out the dirt and harmful bacteria. Mix a cup of rosewater, 2 tsp glycerin, and a few drops of rose essential oil. Use this as a cleanser and see your skin becoming clear day by day.

For Acne

Mix juice of half a lemon with rosewater and apply to the problematic area and see changes within weeks. You can also make a sandalwood or fuller’s earth face pack by adding rose water and achieve a radiant and fresh looking skin.

See, there are plenty of benefits of rosewater that it is almost impossible to not stock it up for years.