Skin exfoliators have been around for quite a while but there are still people who confuse them with the normal cleansers. Skin exfoliators are cleansers but due to their special scrubbing particles, they eliminate dead skin cells accumulated in pores easily. On the other hand, facial cleansers/washes only clean the upper skin layer. That is the reason your face needs regular exfoliation to appear healthy, beautiful and acne free.



Now comes the trickier part, how do you select one for yourself under budget? We have a solution at your disposal. Check out the list of six skin scrubbers that can be bought under Rs. 500.



Ponds Pimple Clear White Multi Action Face Wash & Scrub 50g


Acne is a very common problem and to treat that, you need something as effective as this Ponds Pimple Clear Scrub. It not just eliminates debris that leads to acne but also gives your skin relief from the redness and inflammation. Along with keeping your face break out free, it brightens the complexion. So, embark on a clear skin journey with this budget friendly scrub now. Shop here.



Neutrogena Deep Clean Black Head Eliminating Scrub, 100ml

If your skin is really bumpy and you wish to make it smooth, this scrub by Neutrogena is your best friend. The micro beads in the scrub work on the blackheads and cleanse your pores thoroughly. With regular use, your face will become clearer and smoother. Shop here.



Organic Harvest Anti Tan Face Scrub 50g

Pollution and excessive sweating can wrack havoc on your skin and make it dull not to mention tanned. So how do you treat that? Use Organic Harvest Anti Tan Face Scrub, as this cleanser not just helps in keeping skin tan free but also maintains its smoothness. For that perfect and even toned skin, this one is your best bet. Buy here.



Dermoviva Oil Control Facial Scrub Gel 140ml

If your skin is oily and you still haven’t found any magical product to control that problem, Dermoviva is here for the rescue. Along with keeping your oil production under control, the gel scrub makes skin smoother, more beautiful and healthier. Get it here.



Beauty Formulas Charcoal Facial Scrub 150ML

There is a lot of fuss about charcoal cleansers these days, but why is charcoal so important? Actually, it helps in deep cleansing of the skin and remove impurities from within. Activated charcoal draws bacteria, chemicals and dirt from the pores and make them clean. For a trouble free squeaky clean look, get your hands on this Beauty Formulas Charcoal scrub now.



ST. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Face Scrub 170 g

If you are old school, you will love this better version of the good old Apricot scrub. We all remember using some from our mother’s skin care box and it has been our favorite since. This 100% natural formula removes dead skin cells and acne causing bacteria from your pores and lead to a finished skin look. Just use twice a week and never worry about breakouts ever again in your life. Shop here.



See, taking care of your skin is not a difficult task; you just need to know the right away. Get the suitable one now and scrub away the impurities.

Until then, take care!