Foot care is not a commonly practiced phenomenon and most of us care for them only when they start causing trouble. There are various problems that can affect our feet and ultimately us, like ingrown toenails, fallen arches, cracked skin, fungal infection and foot odor. While some of them are congenital, we can avoid others by giving some attention to our feet. So, what is it that you should do to keep your feet clean and healthy? Here are the easiest and most effective tips:

Make sure you Bathe your Feet Everyday

Feet are tend to get dirtier and sweatier the most so, washing them at least twice a day is necessary in order to steer clear of any fungal infection and bad odor problem. If you do not take shower at night, make it a habit to wash your feet properly before going to bed. Especially during summers, when you wear sandals and slippers the most, keep your toenails clean by bathing your feet regularly.

Moisturize your Feet everyday

Just like you do with your facial skin! Massaging your feet with a good quality moisturizing cream or Vaseline should be the next step in your TLC routine. This will help you enjoy soft and healthy feet for ever. Also keep in mind to not over moisturize your toes as it might lead to fungal infection.

Choose the Right Footwea

This plays an important role in deciding the health of your feet. It is good to follow latest trends, but that should not come at the cost of your health. Feet help you move, so they have earned the right of comfort. Wear sandals, flip flops or slippers during summer to keep your feet clean and wear shoes to provide them warmth during winter season. If you like wearing socks, prefer the cotton ones as they help avoid odor and keep them dry. Whatever you wear, make sure your feet are comfortable in them.

Fight Foot Odor the Right way

Foot odor is a very common problem faced by us. But worry not; there is a solution to it. Mostly, the odor is caused because of constant wearing of the same pair of socks.  So, try changing them every day and stick to cotton variants only if possible. Keep your shoes clean, as sometimes, bacteria and sweat build up inside them and lead to odor. Sprinkle some amount of baby powder, talcum powder or foot powder in your shoes before putting them on.

Trim them on a Regular basis

Trimming your toenails every now and then is a sure shot way to keep your feet healthy. But, remember to trim them straight across instead of trimming the edges to form a curve. This factor plays an important role in helping you avoid ingrown toenails issue, which can be quite painful.

Exfoliation is Necessary too

Since your feet tend to get dirty a lot, you should exfoliate them once a week or as per on your lifestyle and routine. For that, you can soak them in warm water for 15-20 minutes and then gently scrub with a loofah all around to remove dead skin cells. You can also add a few drops of lemon for better cleansing results and a few drops of any essential oil for an aromatic pedicure experience. Once you are done with massaging, moisturize them and put on socks.

All this can be done routinely to ensure proper health and cleanliness management of your feet.