Today, let us shed light on some of the most interesting make-up facts that we bet you did not know about. Make-up has now become a necessity and it is difficult to survive without it that is why it is now a billion dollars industry and still growing. With time, our make-up needs have only risen. So, it seems good to dwell in the past and dig out some interesting facts about a thing we cannot do without. Did you know any of these?

  • The word ‘cosmetics’ comes from Greek word kosmos that means ‘wordly’
  • In earlier times, women used to pinch their cheeks to give them a rosy look because there were no blushes at that time
  • Do you know from where the shimmer in our lipstick and nail paints come? Ground fish scales are used for that purpose
  • The world’s first ever cosmetic product was created by ancient Egyptians from Copper and lead ore
  • Make-up was first used when Egyptian women painted their eyes, blackened their eyelashes, and applied dark color under the eyelid
  • In older times, make-up was not used for beautifying purposes. It was used to frighten enemies, make magic or show a social rank
  • Bubble bath, deodorant, and mouth wash are all considered cosmetics
  • Because we wash our hands more often than our face, it is not a good idea to choose make-up products based on our hand’s skin tone. This could make you choose a darker or redder shade
  • Maybelline founder named the company after his sister Maybel who inspired him to make cosmetic products
  • Medieval women sometimes would swallow arsenic and dab bat’s blood on their skin in order to improve complexion
  • The first swivel up lipstick was invented in 1923
  • Elizabeth Taylor forbade any woman on her set to wear red lipstick
  • The first mass marketed hairspray was launched by L’Oreal in 1960
  • Roll-on deodorant was launched in 1952 that was inspired by the ballpoint pen
  • Ancient Romans were very fond of black hair dye and for that purpose they fermented leeches in vinegar
  • During 1400’s, pale complexion was a big thing and to achieve the same, women bled themselves either by using leeches or slashing their veins
  • Young women in 18th century would eat clay in order to maintain a porcelain complexion

Wow, aren’t the facts interesting? Since you are now very much familiar with make-up history, do share with friends and enjoy their weird reactions.