Power dressing is not complete without proper makeup. When it comes to commanding the Board Room, you need to have the right ideas as well as looks. So, here are some makeup tips to get you Board Room ready.


When it comes to office makeup especially for a Board Room meeting then ‘confidence’ should be the word to aim for. Here, ‘less is more’ is your mantra. Nude makeup is your best bet to create a no-nonsense and confident look. You can create this look very easily by using a handful of Maybelline cosmetics such as Maybelline Foundation, eyeliner, etc.


When it comes to nude makeup creating a smooth skin tone is your priority. Invest in a good foundation and primer for that. You can simply use the primer and foundation and apply some translucent powder on it to set the makeup. Use a good Concealer if needed.


Use loads of Mascara to open up the eyes. Line your eyes with jet black Eyeliner. Avoid Eye Liner in the water line, though. Using a gel liner will give you the best result here.


Use a Maybelline Lipstick in nude, peach or coral colours. Avoid bright colours. You can also go for earthy brown tones.


In case you want to ditch the Lipstick regime, dab on some Maybelline Lip Gloss and you are good to go. Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips before applying Lip Gloss.


Avoid Blush of all colour and kind. You are going to command a Board Room and girly blushes are of no help there.


So, these are simple tips for creating a powerful and confident boardroom look. Match it up with formal attire and a sleek hairstyle to make heads turn with awe.