We all are familiar with the fruit papaya and pretty much know that it is great for boosting digestion. But, have you ever thought about using this fruit as a hair mask? Surprised? Well, don’t be as today we are going to shed light on the ultimate hair benefits of papaya and will tell you why you should begin using it over your head. So, the next time you are slicing it for an evening snack, spare some for your hair to achieve the glow and strength you always wanted.

First of all, let us discuss the hair benefits of papaya…

From using the products that contain papaya to directly apply the mashed fruit on your head, there are choices as per your convenience. Majorly, papaya helps in adding volume to your hair along with nourishing the hair shaft. Then, there are the following advantages:

  • Papaya boosts hair strength and growth so as to help you enjoy stronger hair, which also helps in preventing baldness
  • It has anti dandruff properties, so an amazing option to choose if the harsh chemical laden shampoos have not worked for you
  • Eating papaya has shown to assist in hair growth in many cases. So, if you do not want to apply a hair mask, consider eating it often. (Though the results may vary)
  • Thanks to the enzymes, minerals and vitamins present in it, papaya helps remove excess oil and dirt from your hair to make them naturally healthy and strong
  • Not just the fruit, but extracts of the papaya leaf work great as hair conditioner and provide shine to the dull hair
  • Regular use of papaya hair mask can lead to shiny, thick and healthy tresses

Papaya Hair Mask

What you need:

Ripe papaya – 1 cup diced

Molasses – 1 tablespoon

Coconut oil – 1 tsp

Yogurt – 1 tsp

Ripe banana – 1 cup diced


  • Mix all the ingredients and blend them properly for 2 minutes so that there remain no chunks. If you can still spot chunks, blend again until it is all creamy smooth
  • For easier application, you can damp/wet your hair or can apply it directly
  • Once you have applied it evenly on your scalp till the hair roots, wrap it in a bun and cover with a shower cap
  • Let it sit there for half an hour
  • Now is the time to give your hair a stream treatment. Wrap a towel around your hair cap to generate heat
  • Wait for another 15-20 minutes and then wash your hair as you normally do
  • Condition hair if you feel necessary

Doing this once or twice a month will do wonders to your hair and make them super soft and shiny the way you see models flaunting in every hair product commercial. The process is easy to follow and light on budget too.