Have you ever wondered what makes hair stylist turn our wild hair into something gorgeous and well managed with just a touch of their hands? We all have and that is why we never stop looking out for ways to get salon like hair at home. So, if you haven’t ended your search, we have brought to you amazing hair styling tips that would change your whole perception about taming your hair forever. Check out!

Know your Hair Type

This is the most important step, but sadly the most ignorant one too! Knowing the type of hair you have along with the texture can help you style them right. When you know what your hair need, it becomes easier to feed them the right thing and achieve desired outcomes. There are products differently designed for thick hair, medium sized hair, curly hair or wavy hair. So, first of all, make sure you know your hair type before opting for any style statement.

Blow Drying

If you have straight or wavy hair, towel dry your hair gently, but avoid rubbing them as it leads to frizz. Dry out your ends and when they are slightly damp, begin blow drying with a good quality high wattage ceramic hair dryer to maintain the texture and shine of your hair and give them a glossy finish. Blow dry them with a hair brush according to the desired style and put on a protective serum to lock the look for the entire day. If you have coarse or curly hair, do not towel dry as curlier hair need to remain wet for proper styling. Before beginning to blow dry, put on a protective serum or cream to ensure better outcomes. And then style as desired.


If you have straight or slightly wavy hair naturally, you might have lusted after those defined curls that change the entire look of a person. To get that, you must choose a curling iron that is ceramic and has temperature adjusting option so that you can style as per your hair type. Apply a good quality hair protecting serum or mousse to wet hair for added texture and more finished look. Always take small section of hair while curling as it does not put much pressure on your hair and becomes easy to manage.


If you have curly or wavy hair, then you definitely have admired the straight hair look of your friends or relatives. Worry not; you too can achieve that if you have right things in hand. First of all, you need to choose a straightening iron with ceramic plates as it is gentle and does not lead to dry or frizzy hair. Prepare your hair in advance by applying a heat protective serum and use a smoothening shampoo and conditioner while washing your hair. You can also apply a hair gel to keep the straight hair in position for longer.

Some handy hair care tips:

  • Along with following the right method of styling, you should eat and drink well to provide nourishment to your hair
  • Do not blow dry hair too often as it leads to dryness
  • Try and always use a conditioner every time you shampoo your hair and use a leave in serum for extra shine and protection
  • Keep your scalp clean by shampooing twice a week or more as per the requirement
  • Never comb your hair when wet as it leads to breakage
  • Massage your hair with warm oil once a week for a deep conditioning treatment of your scalp

If you follow all this, there is no way that you can go wrong again!