They say a girl’s handbag is a mystery that you can never solve and we totally agree. Sometimes even a girl does not know what all she’s carrying inside her bag. Are you also confused due to the rampant handbag situation? Worry not; we are here with a fix. The next time when you go bonkers locating a particular thing inside your bag, keep in mind the following list.


Whether you are going to college or for work, you cannot and should not leave your house without these handbag essentials so when you run into any kind of emergency; you know the solution is right beside you. Check out the what’s and why’s here:


  • Sunscreen – To keep your skin protected all the time from harmful sun rays. Yes you apply it while leaving home but that gets washed away due to heat, perspiration and other external factors. Keep one handy for on the go protection.


  • Compact Mirror – Why bother to look out for a reflective surface when you can keep a small mirror handy and locate any makeup emergency wherever and whenever needed? Take one with you as you never know when your Kajal decides to go all smudgy.


  • Tinted Lip Balm – Lip balms are must as they help keep your lips soft and healthy. You might already have one with you all the time, but you should also invest in a tinted one as well. This will help keep your lips shiny, soft with the right amount of color – perfect for when you are going all natural.


  • Kajal – A pretty obvious one, right? You are committing a felony if you don’t carry one. Kajal smudges are very common and during summers, even the strongest ones start to fade due to constant sweating. So, buy one smudge proof or water proof variant and reserve a place for it in your hand bag forever.


  • Compact Powder – This is your best friend if you have oily or combination skin. No matter how matte your makeup looks, as the day progresses, your skin is going to get oily and grubby. To prevent that from happening, buy a matte finish compact powder that will keep your face sweat free for hours.


  • Perfume/Deodorant – Whichever one you prefer. While all of the fragrances claim to be long lasting, they tend to lose their hold after a few hours. And then a sudden meeting call or a get together can create a panic situation for you. Fret not and keep your favorite fragrance ready and be unperturbed all the time.


  • Sunglasses – No they are not just for creating statement looks but also for protecting our delicate eyes from harmful UV rays. Make sure you put them on and avail two benefits at one go – protection and style.


  • Wet Wipes – Wipes come handy whenever there’s any kind of problem related to makeup or too much sweat. Plus they keep your face clean and fresh without any involvement of water.


  • Mint – For keeping your mouth fresh and food odor away! If you party a lot, this one can come real handy for you, if you know what we mean.


  • Hair Brush – A hair brush should definitely find a place in your hand bag because you never know when your hair decide to go rebel and ruin the party look for you.


  • Hand Sanitizer – With increasing pollution and environmental problems, skin diseases are on a rise. But you can keep your skin shielded and smooth by keeping a hand sanitizer handy. Buy one in compact size and never let your skin go dirty and become a living place for germs.


  • Sanitary Napkin – Many of us girls are so busy in our day to day lives that we forget to keep a track of our Aunt Flo’s next visit. Preparing beforehand to avoid any kind of trouble afterwards is the best solution to the problem. So when you are presented with a surprise visit, you don’t have to panic as you have the solution in your purse.


So, now we have found our way through the labyrinth, let’s relocate and reshuffle the stuff to make place for the new entries to the family (yes our handbag is no less than a family member to us!)