We all want to perfect the eyeliner art, but only a few are lucky to achieve the landmark. But once you know the whole process, it becomes possible to spot various looks with confidence. So, today, let us unveil the secrets that the beauty experts follow for a perfect eyeliner finish.

Choosing your Eyeliner

This is the first step that needs to be executed right. There are mainly four types of eye liners available in the market. Pencil eye liner, liquid liner, pen liner and gel liner. Gel liners are the most lovable ones because of their easy to application and smudge free nature, but are the most expensive ones too. We suggest using liquid liners only when you are familiar with the whole liner application thing.

Preparing your Eyelids

The next step includes the preparation. You must know all about the eye make-up process so that you do not make any mistake. Eye liner is applied after the eye shadow but before the mascara. And if you are using an eyelid primer (helps stay the eye make-up and liner for long), then eye liner would be the third step. Always remember that mascara is the last one to go.

Positioning is Importan

For amateurs, this step is really important so, pay attention. The biggest problem that people face while putting on liner is the shaking hand, which leads to a wavy line. But, this problem can be tamed. Rest your elbow on a table and your hand on your cheek. Use a small mirror to have a better view of the eye if possible.

Dot your eye lids

This is the toughest step, but can be mastered with patience and practice. Let us make it easier for the beginners though. Rather than drawing a line, begin with small dots. This makes it easier for you to draw a line. But ensure that the dots are of same width or else you would not enjoy the final result. Now, draw line along with the dashes and voila! See, it is as easy as ‘joining the dots’ game.

Smooth out the Line

If you observe little breaks between the dashes, you can draw a fine thin line along that to cover it up. Dotting the eye lids is an easier way to master the art of applying eye liner.

Add your Tail

A small tail must be added at the outer edge of your eyelid to add drama to the whole look. There are various ways to do that. You can take help from a spoon, any of your credit card or a scotch tape. All of these can be used to draw a perfect tail on the outer side of the eyes.

Final Step

So, once you have followed every step obediently, it is time for final touch ups. Apply mascara, and define your brows with an eyebrow pencil. Put on some rouge and you are ready to turn heads.