A quick nail paint session is sure to make anyone’s day and what’s better than learning new tricks sooner or later so as to double fold the happiness. Today, we are going to learn how to create shaded or ombre nails. The process is simple and within 2-3 tries, you are easily going to master it. So, are you ready to enter a colorful world? Let us begin!

Before we proceed and understand the whole process step by step, it is important that you gather everything you need so that you do not need to rush here and there in between.

What would you need?

Two nail colors that go well with each other, one bold and one normal. You can also pick the colors that clash. It is all about experimenting and finding out what pleases your eyes the best! Then, a topcoat, sponge, plastic sheet and a few toothpicks. If you do not have any plastic sheet at hand, you can always make use of butter paper or foil paper.

Here begins the fun part…

  • You can begin with a base coat if you wish, otherwise paint your nails with the lightest of two shades you have selected and wait for it to dry completely.
  • Now, on a flat surface, put the plastic sheet or butter paper or foil and paint a generous amount of selected nail lacquers right next to each other. They should not be mixed nor placed away from each other. Their edges should just touch, but not mix.
  • Take help from a toothpick, and blend the colors together, not entirely, but just to the point you want them to appear on your nails. The particular area where the colors meet would decide the length of the graduation that you can alter as per the needs.
  • Here is the most awesome part. Take a sponge and dab it directly on to the polish mixture and then immediately on to your nail. Make sure to dab lightly as too much pressure can ruin the base coat. You can repeat this step as many times as you can to achieve desired results. But do not dab when the bottom layer is still wet.
  • Now apply the top coat. The sponging might make it appear a little bumpy, but this can be fixed with multiple top coats easily.
  • Remove the excess nail paint around your nails by using a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover and you are done.
  • You can also try this with three shades. The canvas is all yours, so do not hesitate while experimenting.

Some handy tips to enhance the beauty of your hands

  • Pamper your hands by massaging them every evening with a good quality moisturizer
  • Indulge into a manicure session every now and then to keep the skin healthy and soft
  • Always keep your nails trimmed and clean
  • Avoid using too much hot water as it dries out the skin pretty fast
  • Wear protective gloves if you do work that involves too much water contact

All this will help you better the outcomes every time you paint your nails. Try out the shaded effect and do let us know what you feel about it!