Pedicures are a perfect gateway to the world of relaxation and happiness. They are a way to tell your feet that you care. But many a times, because of our busy schedule, we cannot provide the needed attention to our feet. Would not it be great if you knew how to do that perfect French pedicure at home? Well, follow the below mentioned tips and soon, you would be able to master the art.

Gather up the Essentials

Before you begin, it is better to gather all the essentials as you would not like to roam around looking for a cotton ball with just cleansed feet. A container big enough to soak feet, Epsom salt, nail clippers, pumice stone, foot scrub, nail paint strips, cotton balls, a hand towel and toe spacers (optional) is all what you need.

Begin with a Foot Bath

Fill in the container with the hottest water you can bear. Add a pinch of Epsom salt in it along with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Lavender is considered good for relaxation purposes so, you can choose it if there is no other option in your mind.

Foot Scrub

Once you observe the water getting back to normal temperature, take out your feet one by one and scrub it properly. Remove the dead skin with gentle scrubbing and wash feet (for this, keep a small water bucket handy) after you are done removing the dry, tough layer of the skin. Pat dry with a hand towel.

Cuticle Care

After the cleansing and exfoliating process, now is the time to mend the cuticles. Buffer the corners properly and file them to a perfect shape. Massage with a cream or a foot lotion to keep your cuticles and feet moisturized. By now you would be a proud owner of soft and clean feet. Also make sure, you remove the old nail paint beforehand.


This is an optional step, but if you want to pamper your feet further, you should massage them with a little oil or a lotion. Make small circles while massaging and do not forget your heels. By now, a feeling of happiness and relaxation must have entered your mind.

The French Tips

You can begin doing this part with a toe separator or without it, whichever suits you the best. If you can easily apply the white nail paint to the tip of your nails, go ahead. And if you think there might be a problem, take help from nail paint strips. Gently remove the strips once your nail paint is dry.

Almost there

This is the final part. After your nail paint has dried completely, you can apply transparent nail enamel or light pink polish in even strokes across each nail. If you have taken help from toe separator, remove them only when the nail polish has completely dried.

Now, look at your feet and feel beautiful and happy as you are ready to flaunt them. The process might take some time in the beginning, but practice will make you perfect at it. Good luck!