Thanks to ancient Sumerian (an early civilization and historical region in modern day Iraq) men and women as we can enjoy putting on a lipstick because of them. Around 5000 years ago, they were possibly the first ones to invent a lipstick by crushing gemstones that they used on their lips and around eyes for decorative purposes. And little did they know that they were contributing in something so big that was going to be loved and appreciated by humanity till eternity. We wonder what our loves would have been if there were no lipsticks around?

Not just Sumerians, but the use of lipstick was evident in various other civilizations too. Indus valley civilization, Ancient Egyptians, Islamic golden age, Queen Elizabeth, Romans and all major cultures made their own lipsticks and used them for various purposes. In fact, there was a time when men also wore lipstick to boast about being a part of elite society and during the World War II; it was used as a mean to boost morale.

And we thought lipsticks were just for make-up!

Perhaps that is the reason why Lipstick Day came into being and on this very day, we celebrate our love for this magic stick that has the power to change our whole outlook immediately.

29th July is the day when all you lipstick lovers should unite and portray your love for the colorful sticks that you use every day.

So, Why are Lip Shades Important to us?

There are various reasons that confirm the importance of lipsticks in our lives. Like:

They are Unbiased – No matter what color your skin is and how you look, lipsticks work magically for every person equally. There are always shades to make you look and feel good. And the variety? Well, it is not an unknown fact that thousands of shades are available that promise thousands of beautiful looks.

They Cheer you up Instantly – ‘Give a woman the right shade of lipstick and she can conquer the world’, and we could not help but agree to it fully. Putting on a lipstick has a captivating charm to it as it makes one feel cheered up instantly. Sometimes, all you need is the right shade of lipstick and the problems can enjoy their place in the dustbin.

They make you Look Beautiful – Irrespective of your shape, features and size. You do not need to think much before buying one just like that crop top because you know, your lips are made for every lip shade out there. Just a switch of color and you can play among many looks. Bold, beautiful, sensuous, professional, or any appearance you want, it is just a swatch of lipstick away.

See, the relationship with lip shades is eternal and like a forever bond. Now let us suggest you our favorite brands that you can boldly put on this lipstick day and flaunt what the diva you are!

The first in the list is Deborah Matte Raisin Satin Lipstick, which is an amazing color that goes with any type of occasion or gathering. L’Oreal Color Riche Divine Wine is another great shade that promises a wonderful look. Lotus Herbals PureStay Long Lasting Tulip Love is a bubbly hue that will highlight your dazzling side with ease. Not just these, there is a whole lot range to choose from. And since we are celebrating Lipstick Day with all the beauties around, we are offering an additional 5% on lipstick range at NewU. So, pay a visit and enjoy switching between looks.

Now is the time to shed light on some interesting lipstick facts:

  • Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Crawford were the most famous actresses who popularized the use of lipsticks
  • First swivel up lipstick tube was made in 1923
  • Believe it or not, but the lipstick sales tend to rise during rainy or gloomy days
  • A poll conducted in 2007 revealed that 82% of women felt less confident while dating and working if they did not wear lipstick
  • When we shower or wash our face, we lose about 15% of our lipstick
  • About 5% is left behind on our drink glasses, coffee mugs, water bottles and soft drink cans
  • And then we leave about 5% on spoons, knives and forks when we eat
  • Not that it is surprising, around 70% of men voted that red lipstick is sexy, as per a poll
  • You would not like it, but it is true. Lipsticks have an expiration date and can become rancid. Store them in refrigerators to prolong their life.
  • Clear lip balm is one of the most popular lipstick variants in modern market

Wow, so much amazing at one place! Well, that was all about the lipsticks. Let us share with you our Lipstick Day Contest idea. Here are the details:

All you need to do is suggest the maximum number of ways you can or have used lipstick in and mail us the ideas. And the winner would be eligible for NewU exclusive gift hamper along with getting a chance to be posted on our Facebook page. So, participate and enjoy being a part of something awesome and thrilling. You can visit the link to know more.

Meanwhile, maintain your love for lipsticks by shopping as many shades as you can. Happy lipstick day beauties…