Mix and match is passé now, this is the season when we embrace this new matchy-matchy trend. Yes, move ahead the never solved puzzle of mixing trousers, pants, jeans, palazzos and hop in this stylish roller coaster of Matching Separates. They are making statements not just on the runway but in celebrities’ wardrobe too. These matching sets perform a double duty for you – produce show stopping results and maximize your wardrobe’s potential (like you can mix them with other separates too).


So, don’t be late and make sure to spot this trend in these classy ways:


Add a dash of classiness with Body Hugging Skirt and a Crop Top

A waist baring crop top when paired with body hugging skirt can add huge amount of sophistication and class to your over-all look. Be it a presentation or ‘I will walk in the corridor when other gals will watch me in envy’ look, you can ace it effortlessly.


A Girly Affair

To make it less professional and more fun, you can go for a floral skirt paired with a top allowing very little midriff show. This sassy outfit will be perfect for times when you want to stay high on the trend without following the monotony.


‘Match’ with Special Patterns

If you are not much in a favor of donning a clear baring outfit, you can definitely go for this one. Choose outfits with patters like this one. There can be cuts, varied sleeve styles or lace work that will minimize the skin show without hampering the chic factor.


Pants make a Good Choice too

If you are a pants person, you can definitely go either for a crop top with the matching pants or a normal printed upper. Styles are many; it all depends on what you like and what not.


The Casual Fun

This outfit is perfect for gals who have ‘I am here to have fun’ written in bold all over them. Chic, girly, stylish and what not – this casual dress is surely a must try!


Apart from these sassy suggestions, you can experiment with palazzos, long skirts, and anything that you can find in your wardrobe. Complement them with a sling bag, good makeup and nice footwear and you will look no less a ramp walker. Good luck creating your own stylish looks!!