‘Look, your favorite lipstick is on sale’, is an expression no girl can ignore. We girls have always had a long term association with makeup products since childhood. The difference is that now we buy our makeup by ourselves unlike the times when we used to steal from our mom’s. From being a makeup hoarder to someone who looks like sh*t without kohl, there is no turning away from this mighty world.


So let us know in the comments below how many situations you could relate to…



Makeup is an art not just transformation

People need to stop thinking that they don’t need makeup as they are naturally beautiful. Makeup is for everyone and is no less than an art. Nobody can demean anyone who wishes to add that extra stroke of eyeliner on her eyes.




Buying makeup and then trying it on are equally enjoyable processes

Just like for any other artist, makeup lovers derive joy in the process of buying makeup and then using it on to create different looks even if there is no purpose behind that. Dressing up gives you all the thrills that there are out there.



There is nothing like having too much makeup

Your makeup collection is truly never complete given that there are hundreds of colors and techniques available out there to try on. So whenever you see your favorite color on display, you’ve got to pick that up before it runs out of stock.



You know your tools pretty well

Whether it is a gel eye liner or a matte lipstick, you are pretty much familiar with the brands and the variety of products out there. Just a look is enough for the confirmation.



You adjust your outfit as per the Makeup

For others it is the other way around, but for you makeup starts first and then you choose your outfit according to that.



Putting on New makeup is always a Special Feeling

When you put on your recently purchased makeup, it gives you a high like no other thing. It is a proud day for you and it shows on your face as well.


So yeah, life is never dull for us makeup lovers and right now I am signing off to browse some newly launched products online at newu.in. C ya!