Strawberry is considered the queen of fruits as it is a powerhouse of nutrients and of course, it appears to be. The color, shape, taste, every bit of it is a reminiscent of royalty. Along with blessing you with innumerable health benefits, strawberries do plenty of stuff for your skin too. If we talk about the nutritional factors then they contain the highest amount of nutrients as compared to fruits like apple, bananas, and oranges. They also enjoy an abundance of antioxidants.

As far as their skin benefits are concerned, here is what they can do for you when you are not putting them in the mouth:

Excellent Skin Cleanser

There are plenty of skincare products already available in the market containing strawberry extracts because they contain antioxidants, vitamin C, salicyclic acid, and exfoliants. Salicyclic acid helps remove dead cells, cleanse your face while tightening the pores. All of these compounds remove impurities and grant you a soft skin away from acne or dark spots. Just mash a few ripe ones and apply directly to your face, Massage gently for a minute or so and wash off with normal water.

Better Complexion

Whether it is age spots or freckles, you can treat them with just a spoonful of strawberry juice. It has skin lightening properties, so using it directly on the skin helps you enjoy better complexion. Apply the juice with a cotton ball daily and wash with lukewarm water after 15-20 minutes. Doing this will provide you amazing skin whitening results.

Works as a Skin Toner

Forget those harsh skin toners and switch to something natural and effective. Strawberries work great as a skin toner and there is not much hard work involved in the process. Just extract the juice and mix it with 50ml of rose water. Refrigerate the mixture and use daily instead of your other skin toner. And this is all you need to do for a cleansed and dirt free face.

Note – The mixture can be stored up to 10 days

Ultraviolet Radiation Protection

Strawberries have ellagic acid and it is useful in fighting SUV damage. Applying the juice of strawberry topically can help you a long way while fighting the sun damage. So, apply it daily and continue enjoying many benefits of the delicious juice.

Under Eye Puffiness

We have all heard about cucumbers treating the eye puffiness and dark circles issues, but how many of you know that strawberries can perform that job pretty well too? Yes, they too have astringent properties that help tame dark circles and diminish eye puffiness. So, cut them into two big slices and place over your eyes while you rest on your bed or chair. Remove after 15 minutes and enjoy the outcomes.

For Soft Kissable Lips

Not just face, but strawberries have a great effect on lips too. All you need to do is mash two ripe strawberries and add two tablespoon of sugar. Gently scrub your lips with this mixture and then rinse off. Sugar granules will exfoliate them while removing the dead skin cells and strawberry extract will help lighten them. Do this once a week and welcome pink, soft and plump lips.

Face Mask

Has there been a day in your life when all you wanted is a quick glam up session without shelling out huge money? Well, say thanks to strawberries as your wish can be fulfilled easily. Using a strawberry face mask can help freshen up your skin by warding off dead skin cells. This is because of a chemical alpha-hydroxyl acid in them, which is known to remove excess oil from the skin along with cleansing of the pores. So, mash a few of them and simply apply all over your face. Honey, lemon juice or fresh cream can also be added to enhance the outcomes.

Keeping in mind the plenty of benefits they offer, it would not be wrong to call them a miracle. So, stock up now and pamper your skin and body in any way you want.