Summers are always tough on our skin and hair. With constant sweating, increased humidity and sun exposure, our skin is bound to get tanned, dull and dry. Even if we try to take good care of our skin with expensive products, sometimes it just does not help us at all. The main reason behind this could be the usage of wrong products. We might be buying a lot of skin care essentials but wrong ones can never give us the desired results. So what should be done in this scenario?

Well here is a list of all the essentials you should start using to up your skin care game:


Bath & Body Essentials


Using a body scrub to ward off dead skin is as essential as using a facial scrub. So once a week, start ensuring that you exfoliate your body with a good quality body scrub. For an affordable and cruelty free option, you can try NewU range of body scrubs. The other days, you can pamper yourself with fragrant body washes. Don’t forget to rub body lotion afterwards to fight skin dryness.


Sun shield


Putting on a sunscreen every morning is not enough. With increasing levels of pollution and heat, you need to go an extra mile in shielding yourself from harmful sun rays. So re-apply sunscreen every few hours especially if you sweat a lot. Wear a hat or scarf over your head, put on gloves and sunglasses to stay protected and away from skin damage. Don’t forget to buy a lip balm containing SPF to keep your lips hydrated and healthy.


Wet Wipes


High heat and tiring schedules can take a toll on your skin and even make you look tiring. But if you have wipes lying around in your bag, you can give a boost of freshness to your face while on the go. Jaquline USA has three variants of wet wipes that come in convenient travel friendly packaging to help you deep cleanse your skin whenever you want. You can even remove makeup easily with them after a long exhausting day of work.

Start slow by hoarding the right products and soon you will too become a pro at skin care and everything that surrounds it. Happy shopping!