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Make your Skin Look Insta-Perfect Instantly with these Tips

First impressions are everything and that is why your Insta post should be nothing less than perfect. Now, the obvious question comes to mind that how can we make sure we look picture perfect all the time? To help you with the same, we have listed the top 5 tips below that will drastically change the outcomes for you:

Here are five tips that beauty gurus swear by for creating perfect, selfies worthy skin:

Mix Foundation with a Little Facial Oil

Always dreamed of achieving that red-carpet glow? Well, this tip can work as a quick-fix for similar results. All you have to do is – pump out a bit of full coverage foundation, add two drops of your favorite facial oil and dab the concoction with a damp makeup sponge to mix it properly. Wearing this instead of just foundation can make the difference between an ordinary picture and a glamorous one.

Use a Darker Foundation for Contouring

If you want to add depth to your face, you should use a foundation that is two shades darker than your skin tone. By using a small, precise blending brush - apply the foundation over the hollows of your cheeks, top of your forehead, over your jawline and then blend, blend, blend! Once done, use a bigger brush all over your face to give your make a ‘uniformly blended’ look.

Give your Face a Radiant Boost by using a Serum

For some of us, highlighters can be a little overwhelming. So, how to get that luminous look without going overboard? Use a serum! Applying it across your cheekbones gives you a natural, instant luminous glow. Additionally, dab some translucent powder over smile lines, the peak of your nose, middle of forehead and on the chin since these are the areas that tend to appear oily in pictures.

Spot Correction with Concealer

For those of you who aren’t a big fan of foundations, you can use a concealer to hide spots on your face and achieve a flawless look easily. According to your skin type, you can pick the desired type of concealer – pencil, liquid or stick and then apply it under eyes, around chin, nose, and forehead. For this trick to work properly, make sure you don’t pick a concealer that is too light. Also, use a damp sponge to make sure it is blended properly for desired results.

Pay attention to your Eyebrows

It may not seem important but perfectly groomed and shaped eyebrows can make a huge difference in making you look picture perfect. Makeup or no makeup, this is one aspect of your face that you should never ignore. Always use a product that matches your eyebrow hair color so that they appear natural. Draw thin strokes at the beginning of your brows and fill them from the center to the end. Use a little concealer beneath and just above your eyebrows to highlight them better in photos.

So, people, this is as easy as it can get. Follow the tips and ensure picture-perfect looks all the time.

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