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Top Tips to Get Radiant Skin

We all want a healthy radiant skin just like our favorite celebs, but achieving that is not as easy as putting on certain cream and waiting for some miracle to happen. So, what you can do is follow certain tips and ensure that your skin gets healthier and better day by day leaving behind the dullness and darkness.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you get a radiant skin naturally:

Drink plenty of water – This is the first step that you should take towards maintaining glowing skin. Drinking water helps flush out toxins and make your skin glow. And when your body is well hydrated, it stays moisturized and behaves properly as well. So, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day and adjust your intake according to your routine.

Wear SPF before you Step Out – Always wear a sunscreen before you step outside. This prevents your skin from darkening, developing patches or getting uneven. Apply it at least 20 minutes before leaving your house and reapply after every few hours especially if you sweat a lot or if you are planning to go for a swim.

You are what you Eat – And this adage holds true in this situation too! Eating a balanced and healthy diet is necessary to maintain a healthy glow on your skin. Include a variety of foods like seasonal fruits, green leafy vegetables, lean meat, omega 3 fatty acids, nuts, pulses, and protein-rich food to your diet. Stay away from junk, fried dishes, and too much oily stuff. Vitamins and minerals are important for your overall health and you must get them in a balanced quantity every day. Get yourself checked every six months so that you can identify if your body lacks essential minerals beforehand.

Fix a Routine – Follow a routine when it comes to taking care of your skin. As soon as you come home, remove all the make-up and wash off your face with plain water. Always cleanse your face, and then use toner to remove excess dirt and oil followed with the application of a moisturizer. Replace old make-up products after a certain period of time and use clean brushes to avoid the transfer of bacteria to your skin.

Be Gentle – Some people rub their faces vigorously while applying moisturizer, face wash or while wiping it dry with a towel. Well, you do not need to do that. Your facial skin is quite sensitive, so be gentle while handling it. Always pat dry your face and let the water dry on its own. Also, do not wash your face more than twice in a day as it makes your skin lose its shine and appear dull.

Exfoliate Regularly – Do not scrub your face regularly and do not skip exfoliation for more than 15 days. Regular exfoliation ensures that your skin stays away from dirt or bacteria build-up that leads to acne and pimples. So, either use a DIY scrub or buy one as per your needs.

Last but not least – smile! It makes you look beautiful and radiant naturally.

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