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How to apply lipstick like a pro

You must be thinking why do I need to learn ways to apply lipstick while I have been doing it easily for as long as I can remember? Well, you may be a pro but there are definitely some steps mentioned below that could make a huge difference. So, let’s learn all the ways and ace that lip look proudly!

What is required?

Lip balm

Lip liner

Concealer and compact powder

Highlighter (optional)

And your favorite lipstick

Let’s begin:

Step 1 – Prep ‘em Right

The most important step is to make sure your lips are prepped before you start putting on anything on them. If you often suffer from chapped lips, exfoliating them on regular basis is important to get rid of dead skin. You can also use a soft damp toothbrush to make lips soft and supple followed by the application of lip balm. Lip primer is also a good addition to your makeup routine if you want to make your lipstick long-lasting.

Step 2 – Apply a Base

Uneven lips and discoloration can hamper the way your lipstick looks and to resolve this issue, you should invest in a concealer. Use a flat or small fluffy brush to dab some concealer onto your lips and then powder some compact to seal it. Not only this hack keeps your lipstick long-lasting but also helps the color pop!

Step 3 – Line it to Perfection

There is a ‘no liner’ trick you probably aren’t familiar with yet that will change your life. Match your lipstick with a lip liner and this way you can avail all benefits that the latter one offers with a ‘barely there’ liner look. Trace over your natural lip line from one corner to another to prevent feathering. To make the Cupid’s bow more prominent, create an ‘X’ shape on your upper lip first and then line the rest of the lips. Now fill in with your favorite lipstick and enjoy error-free lips for the entire day.

Step 4 – Fill in the Color

Now that you have followed all the above steps dedicatedly, it’s time to fill in the desired color. Use a lip brush for a more precise and flawless application, start by applying within the corners of your lined lips working your way towards the middle. Only apply a second coat if necessary as too much of product can lead to flakiness.

Note: If you have dry lips, make sure to use a lip balm beforehand especially if you are going to apply liquid lipstick.

Step 5 – Add Definition

This is an optional step but can surely add more oomph to your overall look. Once you are all set with the lipstick, you can use some highlighter or gloss on center of your lips to make them look fuller and enjoy that pouty look.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Do not use dark liner with light lipstick – it will ruin your look
  • You can dust on some translucent powder on the lips to turn any glossy lip color into a matte one instantly. Blotting with a tissue also helps remove excess product and give your lips an even look
  • Use an angular brush to apply lipstick as it provides a more defined look
  • Always check your teeth post applying creamy transferrable lipsticks as they tend to transfer
  • Never apply lipstick on chapped lips as it will only accentuate the cracks and lines

We are sure that these tips and tricks will help you master the technique like a pro and your application will become error free. Don’t forget to shop from a wide range of lip colors available at NewU and look glamorous every day!

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